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Dress Code


A. Students must adhere to the uniform policy.

1. Polo shirts in red or white are allowed. 2. Uniform shirts MUST be tucked in and belts must be worn for the entire school day.
3. Undershirts must be white.
4. Students must wear a black, brown, khaki or blue belt
5. Cargo pockets, bell bottoms, and hip hugger pants are not allowed.
6. Uniform bottoms must fit at and be worn at the waist.
7. Walking shorts and skirts must be at least 4 inches from the back crease of the knee.
8. Socks must be crew length, snug enough to cover ankle with no logo. Socks may be navy, white, black, or brown.
9. Sandals are not allowed.
10. Belt buckles must be plain and traditional in style.
11. Hair should be neat and well groomed. Outlandish styles and coloring shall not be permitted. Boys are not allowed to grow facial hair; they must be clean shaven.
12. Only white, black, red, heather gray, or dark navy sweatshirts may be worn over a uniform top with the collar visible.
13. Only white, black, red, heather gray, or dark navy sweaters are allowed.
14. Only white, black, heather gray, khaki, or dark navy jackets may be worn.
15. Trench coats are not allowed.
16. Boys may not wear earrings.
17. Heavy chains are not permitted at school.
18. Girls may wear only one earring per ear. Earrings must be modest in size and design.
19. The adornment of piercing (other than in girls' ears) is not permissible.
20. Caps/hats/scarves are not to be worn in the buildings.
21. Due to health/safety concerns, artificial nails are not to be worn.

Refer to Part II for a detailed explanation of the St. Landry Parish Student Dress Code.